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little batch
leo of blue fires
of eaves and sought wreckage
assuage of night
and the lepers that crept within
for seasonal color
habitual strength
blue seems to remedy the
mild condition
to hold the pen closer to home
for blue sea monkeys and bright
usage of colors for the things undone
the procession to uncover the barriers from bleeding
uses of colors on the canvas
leaky faucets leak color
oh blue bell hooks symposium
running fast in a leaky
she bath for the lexicon to pour over
to be billed and passed in certain
laws for the future for money in the overpass
free can do a speech harboring thing
leaky carnage
pink shoes and brass umbrellas
bring refuge
the attacks are kinetic and itching
for labor for dear chanterelle
and friends hanging out
have your glasses of neat syrup
your candy-flavored mustaches
and mistakes making a difference can't be
taken lately is to lean forward
and later rushes comatose for the mischief
to runout maybe some sort of republic or dynamic trade
some burden lifted?
liberally apply your
heavenly garb and bird print
carry over
come be printed heavily in ash
pale blue scan of your eyelid
sweet shrine of your insides
we are scholarly
for the ride
for the itch
and glow of transformation





recluse animated to
black liquid eyeliner
could set a shiner on
clear umbrella pitched
an all-nighter
the clear of day
your head shaking
in my face to melt
the cruising
I am an orthogonal ray
of sun splitting open
I don't care if she says
that I say I don't listen
dip what unfurls in a
residue to set proof
aside from familiar
advantage I've lived
below your trust level
been truant and now
am on Medicaid
I feel so ashamed
kissing the
hand of death its
castration recoils
slips inside itself
hides its long hair
from my intentionally
mediocre diatribe
I don't expect support
from all four sides
I'm not house current or riptide
an inflection is a long pillow
with the voice kept in it
prolonged dimples and
indentations where
things have been said





Paige Taggart is from Northern California and currently resides in Brooklyn. She is the author of two full-length collections, Or Replica (Brooklyn Arts Press, Dec 2014) and Want for Lion (Trembling Pillow Press, March 2014) and 5 chapbooks, most recently I am Writing To You From Another Country; Translations of Henri Michaux (Greying Ghost Press). She has her own jewelry line that specializes in blinging-out poets!