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Famous Interrogation Sequence


all the magick got wrapped up in barbed wire
like a christmas present.
this is the beginning of the famous interrogation sequence.
this is the end of the beginning of the end

little animals are coughing violently all over the future.
they are choking on the little bits of your spine that were
obtained during questioning after you were famously asked,

is that strawberry jam running from your ears and nose?

your famous reply,
nobody dies, they just get wrapped up in black
felt like a wonton and fall asleep for a minute.

now it’s the beginning of the end of the end
and everything is looking pretty bleak,
with the possible exception of glitter glue
which looks fantastic even in the worst moments

all the magick is being doused in glitter glue
and the sun is crying and making everyone sweat
while the laugh track rolls over a magnet
in your greatest moment ever





Dillon Coulahan is a non-binary interdisciplinary artist and delivery driver. A 2015 Launch Resident at The Chicago Artists Coalition, his work has been featured in The Artist Catalogue and Panchromatic. He earned his BFA in Sculpture from Northern Illinois University. He lives in Rockford, Illinois.