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How can one express neatly the prosody of a dream? The scansion of things. To each a rhythm unrequited. The stressed and the unstressed. The living and the dead dangling off a precipice, like a pronoun: He. In my dream, my father’s tormentors become blurred as their couplets fly off into the realm of honeyed language. They address Him. Sleep.





Cégeste a young poet says

flat is the prosody of some

one you wish you could for

get when grief has no shape

no hidden symmetry to confide in

The Somnambulist nods off

in the zone or in resentment





Writing poems in times like these feels like a last resort

as when sick
if you’re sick                          gargle salt


            Me?                                   I gargle language

           grief’s backwash

grit                       semen                   salt                     sediment


             in this way it is very rude to write a poem

to spit it out            swish it around            gurgle         swallow


                savor it


                                       Poem, out!





Lara Mimosa Montes is a writer based in New York and Minneapolis. Her writing has appeared in Fence, Triple Canopy, BOMB, and elsewhere. Currently, Lara is a Ph.D. candidate in English at The Graduate Center, City University of New York. She also teaches poetry at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Her first book, The Somnambulist, is forthcoming from Horse Less Press. She was born in the Bronx.

[Photo by Gerard Malanga]