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holly childs




    wet t-shirt competition in the gallery
    silly sexy passes in contemporary art contexts

    Stan using iPad to look up how to do dredging in a black
iPad 2 3 4 Military Tough Hard Rugged Heavy Duty Shock
Protective Survival Case that feels thick and heavy to touch,
and he’s wearing fatigues
    vacuum-sealed tablet
    otterbox gladiator edition
    tattoos: ‘life’s good’ LG tramp stamp
    ‘maybe she’s born with it’ text scroll

    shepherd tone
    flute tone
    backwards longjump glitch
    rumblepack support
    shadow (Mario)
    konpeito star bits
    sunshine beach galaxy
    starshine beach galaxy
    hell valley sky tree
    pre-rendered mountains




    posters ripped from windows leaving holographic butterflies
of Blu-Tack and Duct tape
    i saw Celine Dion dancing and swirling CGI in a little girly
white thing in my dream
    both CDs played at the same time (high quality audio)
    CD rip, burn, scratch
    flying is special

    her bedroom light gently cycles bright to dim
    when you turn it on it cycles through the colours of sunrise
to get you to day
    when you switch it off it goes through one decidedly UV
phase, all freckles and teeth, neon o’clock
    shot-silk with a blue warp and pink weft. salt crystal.
    shot-silk ‘[warp colour] shot with [weft colour]’
    i will buy Silk Worms
    one day
    Eyes hurt. Sleep now. Restart computer and f.lux is activated
again, screen kind of grey. The sun is about to come up.
    blue to sleep
    purple for a quick sunrise
    clear light blue breakfast
    run from this place
    bullets are extinct
    cigarettes are extinct
    smokers die young
    I hate you because of what I’ve done to you
    youngest sister
    Mecca 2014 miles west
    I got u Sea-Monkeys



Holly Childs is a writer, editor, artist, curator. She makes work around digital semiotics, transformations of language, fashion, aberration, corruption. Her first novella No Limit was released by Hologram (Melbourne) in April 2014. Her second novella Danklands will be published by Arcadia Missa (London) in December 2014.