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dalton day


Dream House #5


               Look I am reaching
Can you see me here reaching     out
                       Am I graceful
                       Am I in the right place
    In this house
if you need to burn me
                      down             So you can
see me          I understand completely
            Or not                      completely
Start with my arms
            And burn my way            up
                     Someone is sleeping
below this house
                                 I think it is me
           I think I am looking          up
at the trees             And they are
                           reaching         out
     As if they could hold me


Dream House #2


We are in winter now                  Still
We are in winter still
    This house is no better than any
        other             Only that
I am here             And trees are
    on the other side         of the window
If I climb them using my hands
    My arms
    My abandonment of           falling
                  But now I think
I will fall         into the snow
    I will prove to my body
It is here         in this house
It is there     Huge and
    in the snow


Dalton Day is a terrified dog person & an editor for FreezeRay Poetry. His work has been published or featured in Hobart, Jellyfish, The Millions, & PANK, among others. He is the author of the collection Supernova Factory as well as Fake Knife, which is forthcoming from FreezeRay Press. He can be found at myshoesuntied.tumblr.com & on Twitter @lilghosthands. Basically, he thinks everything is cute & wont stop crying about it.