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stacey tran


Untitled Animal (#4)


          as read by Antonia Pinter


each candle
from her pocket
lit guilt matter
tiny happiness

a rubber daisy
an oily smock
add to this weave
etched humor

cheap emotion
linked with mirror

real red
odd intimate

a bright pet
a thing and its color

image light
refolding what’s visible



Untitled Animal (#5)


          as read by Patricia No


the sun distributes
onto small trees
below us
waiting at home

the ground becomes
other people

we went on
usual stimulation
looking at your hand
touching your hand

pick up blue white
sheep light
pivot substance



Untitled Animal (#6)


          as read by Ally Harris


real visibility
contingent delivery
stay here
mean something

a rock in rain
texture is my response
letting others
fall, loop

blurred and open

territory becomes glass
I’ve turned away
from correcting curiosity

this happens



Untitled Animal (#8)


          as read by Linda Austin



I’m in no danger

flowers resemble
years of wandering
aiming elsewhere

a puzzle of a map

try to help

scatter laughter

pick out paint

exaggerated care

a nest
an open wound






Stacey Tran is a curator of Pure Surface and an editor for Poor Claudia. She lives and works in Portland, OR. www.staceytran.com