david blumenshine

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 kristin chang

Cleanliness :: Final Fantasy :: Outside Walmart's

                                Sophie Collins

  Our Mother of Perpetual Health :: Papal Tiara


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Joey de Jesus

The Home Invasion


                                                                                                    from Alt Vices                    

sasha fletcher

Progress Report :: The State of the Union ::
Act Nice and Gentle :: Are You Kidding Me

francesco grisanzio

from Swamp Frank                                                                                                                                   

Evan Harrison

Prize Garden :: Dirty Face

Austin Hayden

Bring It All Together & Be Awesome :: McHale's Last                                                                                                                                      

Brynne Rebele-Henry

                                                                                                   Mathematically  :: Janice is a two-headed wolf in the doorway to my Broad Street apt.                                                                                                                  

kamden hilliard

Hair Salon: Catalogue in Seven :: june 18 2014 / surprise elegy 10 months later ::  Sunday May 10 2015: Catalogue in Seven

Michelle Lin

But Helen, I Am Not Golden In All That Glory :: Hush Up or Bark

Natalie Lyalin

Pre-Raphaelite :: My Instructions :: Mom Fight

Alex Manley

Bad Reputation

Lucian Mattison

Taking Death as a Lover :: Good Son

Ines Pujos

More Blood In the East Village :: 
How Much Whiskey Am I Supposed to Have Before I Become a Ghost

Marcus Slease

Bathtub 25 :: Bathtub 26                                                                                                    

Stacey Tran

Untitled Animal (#4) :: Untitled Animal (#5) :: 
Untitled Animal (#6) :: Untitled Animal (#8)

Gale Marie Thompson

from Helen or My Hunger

Leia PENINA Wilson

I Dig My Fingernails Into the Earth While Speaking and Weeping :: 
High Up Floating Landscape Toy

CL young

Alight :: Have to Have :: Zugunruhe