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XXX’s and OOO’s (An American Girl) Sung By Trisha Yearwood


Got a picture of her momma in heels and pearls
She’s gonna make it in her daddy’s world


Are you dressed in red white and blue?

are you a comfortable canal?

are you willing to accept the loneliness

that is O! heaved into you?

are you willing to not judge the size of the (oh)


nor the girth?

not even the occasionanal bend?


this is what it takes to make it here

XXX we are all very eager to look

and O touch




notes on the Cuntry Object


Figure 2.

The cuntry object has to be a good one—a very good girl. The cuntry object has to be danceable, must be willing to tremble and fake. She is the most fun, an unexpected fill. Pucker and pokeable. Easily packaged, easily arriving. Applaud her performance. The cuntry object has to be dirty, trash(y): lipstick, mud-covered tires, beer bottles, tight jeans, always an open hole making an O sound and it slides right in.

Figure 3.

What makes a good cuntry object is a hook, is the hook in the eye that she stares at you with. Fondle the utensils, kitchen appliances, push-up bra, vacuum cleaner nozzle—your accoutrements. Fondle the physical power of the man over the woman. The men are hunters. Guns swinging, guns hard and erect as a spoon in her sweetpink.

Figure 4.

The cuntry object must be willing to fuck. There is no other way to say this. But don’t say it—don’t mention the word, the acts. The cuntry object loves babies, children, but her babies are plastic miniature replicas. There is no other way to say this. There can be no threat of the grotesque pregnant female body, engorged, enlarged with the risk of life. If you bleed on his sheets: you’re dead.

Figure 5.

The cuntry object chokes. Gagging and drooling signify youth, fresh naiveté, submission. She submits. She stuffs her holes, and the stuffed holes speak for her, and she is trained to understand the difference. The cuntry object swallows the load, swallows what she is fed. Plays with what she is given. And she looks good doing it. She really does.

Figure 6.

The cuntry object is happy to please, happy to keep the house clean, happy to be drunk, happy to slide inside the truck, happy to slide in the dildo, happy to gobble the dick down, happy to giggle, happy to lick pussy, happy to linger in the gaze, happy to dirty the sheets, happy to dribble cum into the woman’s mouth, happy to fuck the father, happy to fuck the mother, happy to be the babysitter, happy to fuck the old folks, happy to stay young, happy to wear pigtails, happy to pretend to be much younger than she ever was.

Figure 7.

Be the cuntry object. Let the camera watch as you perform your duties. The cuntry object does it for the money. The cuntry object does not do it for the money. The cuntry object was raised poor, was raised in an affluent suburb of LA. No—the cuntry object has no history, no family—she only looks good as she takes it. She needs to be filled. Fill her. She does it for love. She does it 4 luv. She does it for the fucking, love.




How to Write a Country Song


1. Everything rhymes. 2. Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus. 3. DO NOT use the following words: sex, body, fuck, desire, ache, naked, panties, erection, hard-on, pubic hair, foreplay, cum, anal, anus, spread, lick, dick, cunt, vagina, cock, penis, pussy, porn, text message, sext, masturbate, vibrator, dildo, threesome, gangbang, group sex, gay, lesbian, tits, boobs, breasts, balls, ball sack, foreskin, flaccid, nipples, suck, missionary, doggie style, penetration, insert, condom, STD, HIV, AIDS, hand job, blow job, rim job, boob job, S&M, whip, tease, touch, taste, orgasm, jizz, squirt, scissor, rub, sperm, swingers, deep throat, finger fuck, facial, Fascism, subjectivity, objectivity, female desire, Oedipal, Electra, anorexia, mythological, media, ethical, rape, rapist, victim blaming, slut shaming, pregnancy, abortion, birth control, human rights, civil rights, equality, feminist, femininity, silence, repression, gender roles, hypermasculinity, female irrepressibility, experimentalism, existentialism, nihilism, symbolism, Freudian, debasement, punishment, violence, domestic violence, open relationships, alternatives, polygamy, atheism, agnosticism, erectile dysfunction, aging, loss of sex drive, monstrous, female monster, vagina dentata, appetite, grotesque, womb, hymen, hysterical, patriarchy, pimp, whore, prostitution, capitalism, sexuality, surveillance, performance, male gaze, female object, fertility, menstruation, period blood, tampons, leaking, spilling, overflow, excess, emotions, ugliness, refusal, consent, control, power, master’s tool, master’s house, theory, poetry, progress, public, pubic, personal, politics, proof, subvert, authority, revolution, race, racism, artist, art.





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Kristin Sanders is the author of CUNTRY (Trembling Pillow Press 2017), a finalist for the 2015 National Poetry Series, and two chapbooks: This is a map of their watching me (BOAAT 2015), and Orthorexia (Dancing Girl Press 2011). She has taught at Louisiana State University; Loyola University, New Orleans; and, currently, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She is a poetry editor for New Orleans Review and a contributing writer at Weird Sister