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jeff alessandrelli


travellers' tales

"The more you learn about other worlds, the better you understand our own"


as read by Alexis Orgera



Attentively out of mind,
I study the internet’s coded patterns
the same way the earth studies

the sun’s weighty bright.
There’s no telling why—

a feast of stars, YouPorn—

what we love most
can’t be touched.
And the human body lasts
about as long as a bubble,

holy planet        adrift                   
amidst 7 and a half billion            
other holy planets

Dear celestial mother, dear latchkey dad,
sometimes I get horny

and sometimes I get depressed.

Spurtingly, when I come
it feels like my dick is positively crying.  
Love is just a game of flesh, feeling and thought

someone once said to me,
someone I just made up.

Earth is the universe’s saddest orgasm,
mere passion-
less product of time’s
ever-long slaw.

OkCupid, Ok Computer. ET
phone home.
                                        Then how
every bubble
eventually goes





Jeff Alessandrelli is the author of the full-length collection THIS LAST TIME WILL BE THE FIRST. Other work has appeared in Denver Quarterly, DIAGRAM, Gulf CoastBoston Review and four chapbooks. The name of Jeff’s dog is Beckett Long Snout. The name of his micro-press is Dikembe Press