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jayinee basu




I am urvogel trapped in geologic time
with rock salt as my only pleasure

leaving hints of how I was
In every image in every word I say

Build me from grey Yemeni clay
Roll me toward wind blown stones

Feed my mother chalk in lieu of milk
So I come out all bones and all bones

Spoon me mud in your romantic vision
Of a green past of deadly pastures

While I have dreams of the sea squirt tunic
of your mouth rounded, pulling me towards

The faucet pouring out bright strings of code
Of how to build you entirely from scratch

I’ve just now awoken to find myself alone
A lifetime of striking one match

Classifying is a difficult job
I want you to use the word love

Please give me a peat pulp pillow to chew
When it’s clear that there is no more of you





Jayinee Basu is the author of the forthcoming book of poems ASURAS (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2015). Her work has been published in The Times of India, Everyday Genius, Metazen, theNewerYork, Method Quarterly, and various anthologies. She lives in San Francisco and is helping to research altered personality and social behavior in neurodegenerative disorders at UCSF.