Christine Shan Shan Hou





Little girl riding
flying goose, geography
is obedient



Blue Desert


One person believes in torture
While another person does not

A believer always wins
A non-believer does not

Every day piles of pebbles are being tortured beneath the sun
Every day a desert remains intact

Every day you do the best for health
You do your best to keep your body alive

Pounding is a part of it
Feelings of irrelevance are at the heart of it

You go searching for a flirtatious encounter
When the smog clears, instant arousal

Love is two-fold, but it could also be more
You want more, but that is a luxury.

You want so badly that you cannot fall asleep
You drink a sleeping potion to help you sleep

You dream you are in a town with blue hills
You eat at a foreign restaurant

You are wearing a blue dress patterned with daisies
In the dream you are a little girl

You have no choice but to act like a little girl
You are eating a peach

You are holding tightly onto a string that is tied to the sun
You let go of the string and feel separation anxiety

Then you wake up alone in a room
You are one pebble in a pile of pebbles

You imagine yourself as a boulder
And bask in the afternoon sun



To Do


Make toast for a tree
Sleep one thousand years, delay



Soft Pornography


A woman rides a man
                    for 45-minutes on a loop

on a small CRT TV
                    in a small room

for medical purposes
          fake injections

          work better
                    than fake pills

                    but fake surgeries
are the most powerful

          A warm pill
evaporates a soul

                    dictates the arrangement
          of particles

inside an apple
          fed to the woman

with too much pressure
                    on her head

          The dirt
                    makes life more doomy

          an end is both near
                    & far

          A daughter
who wants dramatic
                    visual effects

          marries a man who eats
40,000 tons of food
                    in one day

                    then shatters a bridge
with his teeth

          What looks like peaks
of a marriage

are hard clouds       in formation
          according to the
          cloud appreciation society

                    Not all clouds have meanings
          behind them

          not all visions
          are pure

Like looking up at the sky
                    but seeing the sea

          What is the secret
                    to popularity

                         in a chorus
                                    of saints?

          What appears striking
                    from a distance

                                    is a lazy
                                    stinking animal
marching towards the scent
                                              of distant rain

          whose own scent rapidly
                                    delivers change

in a smooth era           what a smooth &
                                              violent era







Christine Shan Shan Hou is a poet and artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Publications include Community Garden for Lonely Girls (Gramma 2017), “I'm Sunlight” (The Song Cave 2016), C O N C R E T ES O U N D (2011) a collaborative artists’ book with artist Audra Wolowiec, and Accumulations (Publication Studio 2010) featuring drawings by artist Hannah Rawe. Her poems have been featured in Poor Claudia, Fanzine, Elderly, and iO: A Journal of New American Poetry amongst others.