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Zoe Goldstein





Princess SARS dances in intervals of 30 perfervid minutes in which she is a freak and lets ‘em know.

Other people can come if they want. She wants her native country to understand her, but if it doesn’t that’s ok too.

She gained asylum in the US after telling the government Cold War secrets.

It is strange to unthink, but also wholly natural, like not paying attention.

Princess Robot Butter is playing a game with our flowers and money.

She took six doses of arsenic but lived, by accident. Perhaps she is the only one left to fully feel.

Just in case, unsew all the legs you can and save them for yourself.

Princess Dad first was an alien but then became a hunter, even addressing you directly in a Korean ballad that one time. Sorry about all the tickets getting lost in the rain. She should have been more insistent she was telling the truth.

But godbless her relational pussy. Lying   in our mouths like sugar.

How these disassembled keys have become like lungs.

Princess The Cunt of Monte Cristo ate too many plums in act five, inconsiderate.

Princess Dissolvable is trying to say but her mouth is full. What? We can’t hear you.

Princess Fly Stuck in a Beard goes to the record store once a week to either buy a record or return one he had bought previously.

He is either the minotaur or the beginning of the forest.

Has horns some days, others not. Spiraly, cauliflower stuff. She finds miserable and then, continues.

There is never a new raindrop.

Is that an explanation or the sound of sleep. Her elbow got stuck in the car window, but the car didn’t feel too bad about it. Who is the being of being responsible.

Princess Alexander the Great admittedly looked pretty good looting that bodega in her pillowcase after she and Princess Eric got wasted off lines of dishwashing soap powder.

Princess have you ever been shot

With the pillowcase on her head she finally felt coated in something, like love formless and all.

princess are you a lizard princess witness princess hot tub time machine princess cocaine in the bathroom makes an island princess Costco membership princess too few canoes princess a gesture signifying class princess princess   princess Yahoo News princess 2 pretty 2 be a nun? princess poon rocket princess princess feeling undermined by her male counterparts princess hide among the corpses princess wake up and suck princess born to be a teen mom princess perverted and penniless princess the point at which the game becomes ritual

Princess Limited Edition The Hobbit 3D

Princess Liquid Chicken thinks a couple drops oughta do the trick, and that applies to nearly everything.

Maybe we’ll return dreamed.

Princess MQ-9 Reaper does what she wants. Those guys think they know her but they have no idea.

Princess Styrofoam invited herself & plugged all the slots with her hot glue gun.

Part ways part hair part eyes.  She is trying to figure out where the guns are, which as it happens is not either/or.

Princess, poor bitch. The chalk from her body is getting into our food. What should we do about this? Is it noticeable?

Princess have you ever been shhhhh

In the wind her face came back as a can of oxygen, unopened.






Zoe Goldstein is a writer from San Francisco. She pursues an MFA at NYU and helps with social impact programming at NYU Stern. Her favorite fruit is the pomegranate.