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millions of dead cops


is a band from Texas
I’ve never seen them live
but I like their album
More Dead Cops

first they were The Stains
then they moved to San Francisco
and changed their name
to Millions of Dead Cops

later Crass told them
they didn’t approve
so Millions of Dead Cops
became Multi Death Corporation

I don’t like the name
Millions of Dead Cops
but it helps me remember
my Millions of Dead Friends



chopping wood


you stand
at the top
of a mountain
feeling terribly
a cloud
through you
& briefly
you become
a ghost
return to
the village
to slaughter
a pig
& hide
your sister
from handsy
in the hole
the bookcase
you return
to your body
your desire
spreads like
evening light
that pinks
the fresh snow
you don’t know
your American
cousins but you’re
Facebook friends
& you remember
a picture of
their babysitter
at the beach
her bikinied
brown skin
her sandy
wet neck
appears in
the air
you taste
the beauty
of America
you believe
the world is
against you
you’re better
more beautiful
your faith
allows you
to descend
the ladder
hanging from
a satellite
to greet
the trees
without shattering
your body
is magical
when it fits
a tiny thong
a hawk
before impaling
a rabbit
you’re late
for supper
the pig is
still alive
you must
teach it
to be dead



xmas at del amo


Eazy shopped here
before he caught the
bug. (I heard he liked

the shoes.) Now Santa
is a hologram that looks
like a dildo wearing a 

shimmering white beard. 
The holidays are tough. 
The escalator is busted. 

The eyes of Real Mutha-
phuckkin G’s weigh
heavy on my shoulders.

Why is it so difficult to
climb these stairs that
are supposed to move?





Vincent Poturica's writing appears or is forthcoming in New England Review, DIAGRAM, Atlas Review, and Forklift, Ohio. He lives with his wife in Long Beach, CA, where he teaches at Cerritos College.